The Power in Asking for Help: Self-Care

Learn the Benefits of Asking for Help

Are you a lone ranger? A perfectionist? Someone who thinks that the only way to get something done right is to do it yourself?

If so, my upcoming webinar, The Power in Asking for Help: Self-Care, is perfect for you.

I created The Power in Asking for Help: Self-Care because I know from experience, both with my clients and personally, that asking for help can oftentimes feel as though you’re expressing weakness to those around you. My goal for this event is to show participants that, in reality, asking for help can actually make you stronger.

For some people, asking for help is simple. For others, it feels like dry swallowing a pill—awkward and uncomfortable. This is partially due to the society we live in, that encourages us to be self-reliant, and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Unfortunately, this mindset leaves us with long to-do lists, feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. Join me to explore the positive factors in asking for help and the negative outcomes from refusing to change your ways.

Meet Diseree Clay, Facilitator of The Power in Asking for Help: Self-Care

I’m Diseree “Dez” Clay a Mastered Certified Transformational Coach, Author, speaker and Certified John Maxwell Team Member. But it wasn’t always this way...

With the help of God, I refused to give in to the unhealthy and festering circumstances that surrounded my youth. Determined not to quit and fully understanding that surviving hard times breeds both strength and resilience, I graduated from Grambling State University with a B.S. in Education and then went forward to receive my M.A. in Guidance and Counseling from Louisiana Tech University.

I have broken so many unproductive cycles including self-sabotage in my own life. So much so that I decided to create a platform that would enable me to help women thrive in their life, love and career by mastering their mindset!

Hosted by: Diseree "Dez" Clay

Diseree "Dez" Clay

Change Your Perspective and Create a Better Life

During The Power in Asking for Help: Self-Care, I want to prove that by shifting the way you think about help and reciprocity, you can greatly improve your quality of life. This experience can also improve relationships with those in your social circle.

Whether your goal is to learn how to ask for help in a professional setting or in a personal sense, I can help. The content we’re covering will be relevant to everyone and anyone who wants to challenge their ego and work on their ability to open up and connect with others.

Participants can expect to do some self-reflection, contemplate their perception of the world around them, and have a space to voice questions and concerns about the best way to reach out for help.

I Can’t Wait to Share With You on Wednesday, July 7th at 7:00 pm CDT